Fixed Voice Services

Carrier1 Telecom is the fastest growing Telecommunications Company providing complete range of telephone services for both Business and Corporate customers. Customers benefit from extremely competitive call plans. Switching to Carrier1 Telecom from your current provider is as easy as completing a simple application form, we will ensure there are minimal or no disruptions to your telephone services.

Analogue Services


This is ideally suited for small businesses or where a simple analogue line is required.It can provide Value added services such as Message Bank, Call Forward, silent number and Fax Duet.

Digital Services

Some common features of Digital Services are Direct in-dial, Clarity of service due to the lines being Digital, Calling Line Identification & Presentation, Extension Level Billing and Disaster Recovery Planning. Digital Services Consists of BRI, PRI, SIP & VOIP:-

ISDN 2 Basic Rate Interface (BRI)

This service is ideally suited for smaller businesses needing less than 10 digital lines. Existing numbers can be ported or a new 100 number in-dial range can be connected but not both.

ISDN 10/20/30 Primary Rate Interface (PRI)

This service is available for larger businesses requiring 10 or more lines. Existing numbers can be ported and 100 number in-dial ranges can also be added.

SIP Services

Suitable for customers requiring scalability from 5 to 500 lines with minimum cost. As SIP Trunking is becoming the new standard in Telecommunications with major carriers embracing the technology, Carrier1 Telecom provides Business Digital SIP services over Fibre and flavours of Ethernet. Contention ratio of these services is 1:1 and is over multiple physical lines. This presents a very robust and dedicated voice circuit network and can be either hosted or premises based equipment.

VOIP with QoS

Suitable for customers with 2 to 4 lines. The quality of the service is similar to SIP Services. The service is delivered over high grade ADSL2 service.

Inbound Services

We offer easy to remember national 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers plus a range of international toll-free inbound services. You can choose from a variety of intelligent call routing options, including post code based, state based, time and day of call or specific answer points.