What is NBN?

NBN is one of Australian government’s largest ever infrastructure projects to replace the existing copper network and provide all Australians access to high speed broadband. The NBN will be rolled out to 93 per cent of Australian premises providing fixed, wireless and satellite connections to households and businesses.

How will the NBN Benefit me and how is it better?

  • Streaming Audio, Movies and Lectures with interactive Live Chat and Video Calls
  • Greater Reliability & Efficiency with less or no dropouts compared to old Copper network
  • Flexibility of locations and timing means the business can operate 24/7 from anywhere
  • Bundle with Broadband and multiple Digital SIP phone lines for cost effective Communication

What speeds are available?

  • Tier1 – 12Mb Download, 1Mb upload
  • Tier2 – 25Mb Download, 5Mb upload.
  • Tier3 – 25Mb download, 10Mb upload.
  • Tier4 – 50Mb download, 20Mb upload
  • Tier5 – 100Mb Download 40Mb upload

These speeds are approximate as the speed is dependent on other factors beyond the service provider’s control.

How do I connect to NBN?

We understand the challenges and opportunities the NBN presents to your business. We look forward to helping you take full advantage of this new era of communication in Australia.
The rollout of the new network is set to change the way we operate, at work, at home and in our daily lives. That means more amazing opportunities to take your business where you want it to be. It will be a chance to innovate, transform the way you work, or develop an entirely new business model.
In the brave new NBN era, it pays to work alongside someone who understands both the challenges and the opportunities you’re facing. You need someone who’ll be with you for the entire journey, from connecting to the new network to keeping you ahead of the rest of the pack.
That’s where we come in With Tailor made solutions, NBN and NBN Ready Telephone System, Dedicated Account Management Support with experienced technical personnel backup and 100% Australian Owned. We will keep you ahead of the pack.

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