Mobile Voice Services

Carrier1 Telecom’s mobile plans designed specifically for business that is as diverse as the needs of your enterprise. Using our Pay As You Go and Mobile capped plans provide generous call, text and data allowances across major carriers, and cater for both light and heavy users. We also have unlimited call plans with generous data allowance that caters for savvy users.
We utilize Australia’s premier mobile networks with coverage of around 96% of the national population. Switching to us is as easy as replacing the SIM card in your mobile phone. Most importantly there is no, or hardly any disruption and you can keep your mobile number.

Mobile Data Services

Carrier1 Telecom has a range of data plans to optimize your mobile data solution to deliver the best value, and offer access to multiple carriers and the nationwide network. Enjoy the broadest set of devices including handsets, tablets or USB Modems, a wide choice of supporting technologies, and single or aggregated data plans across the networks.