Carrier1 Telecom delivers a true Business Grade Data network with high performance and free from consumer traffic. No consumers and no oversubscription means you won’t experience congestion. You’ll have consistent, low latency data flows through redundant network and routing infrastructure with route optimization. We also support to suit your budget and business needs. Tailored multiple access technologies support and flexible data solutions based on the customers’ requirements.


The basic concept of a VPN is to connect networks in separate offices and make them work as one, or to connect remote individuals to their corporate network. This enables all employees connected to the VPN to interact with each other as though they are in the same building.

Select from a range of access technologies and speeds, and run voice, video and other IP based applications. The service works with existing network hardware and software, and you can easily upscale when needed.

Carrier1 Telecom provides secure redundant infrastructure which will help time sensitive, bandwidth intensive applications perform at peak.