The internet has transformed the way of business and is constantly opening up new opportunities. To fully exploit this potential, businesses need a high-speed internet service that’s both reliable and secure.
Whether to increase application performance, improve business continuity, or enhance the way information is shared, Carrier1 Telecom’s business internet offers guaranteed performance with flexibility and control.
Carrier1 Telecom has a range of business grade broadband products at extremely competitive prices that are customized and delivered across first class networks and are available to businesses in most metropolitan and regional areas throughout Australia.


Carrier1 Telecom offers dedicated ADSL/ADSL2+ business grade internet plans. This service comes with a speed up to 24000/1000kbps


Carrier1 Telecom’s SHDSL service is a synchronous service providing equal upload and download speeds, making it ideal for providing employees remote access to the company’s network, VoIP solutions, web hosting, VPN, video conferencing or for any businesses needing to send high volumes of data as quickly as possible. It ranges from 512Kbps up to 2Mbps.

Midband Ethernet (MBE)

Carrier1 Telecom delivers Midband Ethernet (also known as Ethernet in the First Mile – EFM) over multiple SHDSL links, over the existing copper infrastructure. Multiple copper pairs are bonded together into a single Ethernet link to achieve the required speed. Multiple physical cables means the service is tolerant to cable faults or service disruption. If there is a problem in one cable, the other cables will remain operational and continue to deliver at a slightly reduced speed. This enables symmetric upload and download speeds, providing significantly greater speed and flexibility than traditional ADSL connections, but without the high cost of fibre. It’s a NBN Ready product with a contention ratio of 1:1. The speed can range from 2Mbps up to 40 Mbps.
Multimedia applications and unified communications (Voice, Video Conferencing, and online applications) are placing greater importance on the Internet as a primary business tool. As business customers are increasingly using bandwidth intensive applications that require highly available and responsive networks, this is ideal.


NBN (National Broadband Network) is a government initiated plan to roll out ultra-fast broadband service to 93% of the National Population over the next 10 years. Carrier1 Telecom has competitive NBN plans on offer in areas where NBN has already been connected. The speed can range from 8Mbps up to 100Mbps
Carrier1 Telecom delivers NBN Ready product (MBE) whereby businesses can make a smooth transition to NBN when the products become available.
We guarantee the quality of the bandwidth, which means you receive the highest quality of service at all times however the speed of internet is dependent on the distance from the exchange and the quality of cable.